My name is Britt.

I love lit. I also love writing. I have degrees in both (BA in Rhetoric and MS in Library and Information focusing in Youth Services) and spend a fair amount of my professional and personal time doing things related to both. I work in a library! I read for fun! I write in private journals, online blogs (hi!), and currently have a few short stories and a novel in the works! Hip hip, hooray!

But since all of that that’s probably pretty obvious, let’s talk about some other things. I am currently trying to get back into running, which I did for years before injuries, asthma, and college got the best of me. I’ve already run and signed up for a few 5Ks recently, and I am tentatively planning to train for the marathon in November ’14.  I am also just beginning my journey as a yogi, which is a very different experience coming from a background of endurance-based, high-contact sports. On that note, I’m also playing around with the idea of joining a rec soccer league sometime this fall!

If you haven’t gotten the gist yet, sports are a passion of mine. Almost more than I enjoy participating in them, I enjoy watching them. Although it has been a fair few years since they have seen a Superbowl, I believe that my home town football team can do no wrong. I haven’t ventured into the realm of fantasy football, yet, but 2014 seems like it may be a year for trying new things… I also enjoy watching my home town’s other sports teams both on TV or in person (as my budget allows), as well as rooting for (or against my boyfriend’s) alma mater. Gotta love college rivalries!

When I’m not at work (doing a job I LOVE), I often entertain myself by painting my nails fun designs, watching amazing television such as The Bachelor, Big Brother, and Orange Is the New Black, trying out healthy recipes, or just enjoying the view.

Also, I am obsessed with popcorn. Obsessed.

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